16 Classic Range Hoods from Magi Cucine

Every kitchen have range hood nowadays but not every kitchen designed in modern style. Wide range of range hoods from Magi Cucine could bring clean, rigorous shapes and classical style into your kitchen. Great quality, excellent design, attention to detail, absolute flexibility composition: these are the features that characterize Magi’s products. Continue reading

10 The Most Cool And Amazing Indoor Courtyards Ever

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10 The Most Cool And Amazing Indoor Courtyards Ever
A courtyard inside of the house is a quite unusual thing but it’s a perfect solution to create a private relaxing area. Continue reading

House on Floating Land – HYE RO HUN by IROJE KIMHYOMAN

This site is located in borderline between city and mountain. Urban landscape and mountains views could be seen all together. The house entrance is a big transparent gate door with attached to it inner court. Two wooden boxes which are consisted of duplex room are laid on landscaped architectural mass which contain living room and dining room. Continue reading

Small House with Reinforced Concrete Frame – Hall House

The Hall House was designed for a couple without a child in Shiga, Japan which wanted to have enough space for spare time activities on a small site. The house has parking lot, billiard-theater, dining-kitchen and bedroom with bathroom which all are contained in one hall changing their heights according to the slope of the front road. Continue reading

Small Apatrment With Retro Touches

What can you place in a small apartment of 70 square meters? A lot! Architects Irina and Anna Sokolov created this space in Minsk. A fine interior with nice retro style details. The walls of rough brick in the kitchen give it an antique touch and some coziness. The space was made open except for the bedroom. Continue reading

Stylish and Modern Bread Basket – Wicker from Muuto

We usually have a basket for daily bread in our kitchen or dining room. If you also think not just about comfort of having one but about its design too than new ‘Wicker’ daily bread basket from Muuto should be considered. It references to typical Scandinavian basket techniques: wide and thin strips weaved in two directions, but produced with completely different method and material. Continue reading

27 Cool Kids Bedroom Theme Ideas

Kids adore fairy-tales, different stories about pirates and cowboys and surely cartoons. They often imagine themselves heroes of them. Girls play dolls and dream to be a princess or famous ballerina, boys collect comics about super-heroes and want to be as cool as them. Continue reading

Very Stylish Rough-Looking Cupboard

Paesaggi by Edra is a very unusual cupboard that is both very stylish and exquisite and a little bit rough-looking. How did the designers manage to create such an effect? This all is due to the crafted wooden doors with finish and shape that create a feeling of roughness. Continue reading

Pine And Brass Desk in Retro Style

This stylish desk is for those who love retro-chic. Note is a desk of blackened darkness mixed with the brass hardware with a fishbone pattern inside and out. Designer Kristoffer Fagerstrom created a “black box” that combined the old analogue approach of built-in rulers, hidden magnets and sketchpaper rolls with new functions like USB hubs and power outlets. Continue reading