25 Modern Kitchens In Wooden Finish

Kitchen designers are always looking for new materials and unusual modern finishes. Although natural wooden finish is timeless and nowadays many famous kitchen producers return to that beautiful finish. They demonstrate that modern design blended with natural wooden color could help to create an amazing kitchen. Kitchens with wooden finish elements can look modern like the lacquered ones and sometimes even more modern than them. Wooden cabinets combined with black glass or black glossy lacquered surfaces looks perfect. This color matching makes a kitchen very elegant and dramatic. If you prefer more light models then white and wooden kitchens could become a well solution. These kitchens could create a comfy and calming ambience. Bellow you could see several awesome kitchen designs with different combinations of wood with other materials.

Some of the sources:
Sensual And Modern Kitchen Design – Seta Class By Ged Cucine
Glossy Lacquer with Natural Wood Kitchen Design – Vitrea from Braal
Glossy Black and White Kitchens with Wooden Elements – Oyster by Veneta Cucine
Beautiful Design of Big Kitchen in Natural Colors
Light Oak Wooden Kitchen Designs
Contemporary Wooden Kitchen Inspirations
Elegant Wooden Kitchen – Bridge by Armani/Dada