Minimalistic Furniture by RKNL

RKNL Furniture Studio isn’t big manufacturer which makes a lot of furniture. They are rather small but who concentrate their efforts on on style of it. As you might already understand that is minimalistic furniture. Although there are only 3 products available they all worth a mention. The products are coffee table, small table and wall mounted cabinet. Besides futuristic and minimalistic look the furniture is quite useful.
The coffee table consists of 2 discs of different thicknesses. The space between the discs can be used for keeping magazines or remotes. The rounded corners provide an elegant character and make the table safety for legs. The wall cabinet is also designed with rounded corners. They are rounded in opposite directions so the unit is 3-dimensional S-shaped. The small table is just the distinctive occasional table on one leg. It has the storage space inside what makes in not only beautiful and interesting but also practical. If you’re interested in minimalistic furniture than RKNL products are right for you.

Minimalistic Coffee Table By RKNL

Minimalistic Wall Mounted Cabinet By RKNL

Minimalistic Small Table By RKNL